We make things possible
We create possible
we go beyond possible

At Creative Giants we strive to make meaningful and memorable statements through art, whilst actively supporting contemporary artists.  With a mindset that starts at the edge of impossible, we want to drive real change and spark fresh ideas through our innovative design.

Founded by Simon Vaughan and Ben Kearns, we’re a dynamic pair of visionary creatives and practical masterminds with over 70 years of combined experience in executing, creating and reimagining what's possible when it comes to the built environment. From our hyper-connected network of renowned artists and extraordinary creatives to end-to-end production of leading brands, festivals and agency projects, our one-of-a-kind production agency experience is unmatched.

Born out of Glastonbury’s Shangri-La, Creative Giants has since grown into a globally trusted creative force, consistently striving to ignite conversations and inspire change through our creations. Together, we collaboratively shape visions into reality. Infusing each project with fresh innovation, personal passion, and a fundamental commitment to make a profound impact.